Heather’s Chicago Style Hot Dog

Heather Jurczyk from HeCooksSheCooks.com  shares her recipes with Shinddigz

Heather Jurczyk from HeCooksSheCooks.com shares her recipes with Shindigz

Or as I like to call it. The ONLY way to eat a hotdog. Period.

Happy 4th of July! The biggest holiday of the summer! And to me it is all about food and fun. I grew up in Chicago so that fun always consisted of time on the lakefront, eating everything in sight at the Taste of Chicago, picnics, street festivals and Cubs games.

Nothing made me happier than hanging out in the sun, chowing down on a Chicago dog and chasing it with some delicious ice cream. (Or an ice cold beer if I was at a Cubs game…)

And since July is also National Hot dog month I thought I would show you how to make a perfect Chicago dog. It is all about the right ingredients. (Were you hoping for an ice cream recipe? Well fear not I happen to have one right here!)

First, the shopping list. Please note. There are NO substitutions for the perfect and most authentic Chicago Dog. And making substitutions will just break my heart so DON’T DO IT.

And don’t EVER add ketchup. EVERRRRRRRR…

Chicago Style Hot Dog

Heather’s Chicago Style Hot Dog kicks off National Hot Dog Month!

Poppy Seed Buns
Vienna Hot Dogs
Yellow Mustard
Chopped White Onion
Bright Green Sweet Relish
Dill Pickle Spear
Tomato Slices
Sport Peppers
Celery Salt

First boil your hot dogs. (You can also grill them but then you change the name of it to a char-dog. FYI.) The best method for this is bring a pot of water to a boil. Remove from heat. Drop in the hot dogs. When they float they are done.

After you add the hot dogs to your pot, set a colander over it and place your buns in it. Cover with a clean dish towel and steam the buns till warm and soft. They are usually ready when the hot dogs are.

Time to assemble. Or as we say in Chi-Town – “take that dog and drag it thru the garden.”

Open one of the buns and place a hot dog inside it. Then add the ingredients in the order below.


Diced onions


Pickle Spear

Tomato Wedges

Sport Peppers

Dust with Celery Salt.

If you did it right it should look like the photo above.

I have faith that you did it perfectly.

You can even serve them up in these authentic style Shindigz Snack Servers.

Or visit the Cubs Party Store at Shindigz.

Now crack open an ice cold Goose Island and enjoy all that is a Chicago Summer.

Recipe by Heather Jurczyk, the sassy half of the duo that make up the cooking team of He Cooks She Cooks. They have a weakness for feel good, down to earth, amazingly tasty eats that almost always include the addition of beer.

From growing their own tomatoes to brewing their own beer, they like to cook from scratch as much as possible. They know what’s important. Love. Food. Beer. Visit He Cooks She Cooks for more recipes.

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One comment

  1. AFriend · July 3

    We went to Chicago 2 weeks ago, and had one of these downtown at Picattos, or something like that, I cannot remember, but holy delish! I had to have 2!! Thanks for sharing the recipe of HOW to make them. I am so making these!! :-)

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